Plannet Litter summer 2018


                                               Planned Litter summer 2018

Cia Last Litter



Mother :   LP1 LP2 DKSPCH DKAGCH Border Star Wonderchild Cia

Father :    Fill Alchera


What i exspect from this combination :

Good Temper

on/off switch

a lot of power

Full Focus when the dog works

Good ability to make tight turnes

Great jumping  technique

relaxed at home






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About the Mother

Border Star Wonderchild Cia (Destiny´s Child von Skuddenhof x Rancolie Wonder)

cia med tekst

Cia is my soul mate, my Perfect girl.

She is sweet, have a nice Temperment, and work like a dream.

She is wild and energetic girl, the most amazing On/Off switch , and that is an outstanding quality.

Cia  love to work and She will continue to do what you ask of her even the same exercise over and over again. With out getting tiered.

Cia are DKAGCH and  DKSPCH, she are also talentet in obedience, cia have the title LP1 and LP2 , my ambition have been agility, so i have not worked on obedience.

Cia was qualified to Danish Championchip 2013 and 2016

Qualified to EO 2013

Qualified  for WAO 2017 and Final at WAO 2017.

Cia have children who have champion titles in agility and in obedience.

Cia Daughter Mayday, won gold for team at Nordic Championchip 2017 and Qualified to World Championchip 2017.

Mayday was Qualified to EO 2015,2016 and 2017, the final at EO 2015 and 2016.

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About the Father :

FILL Alchera (Hermiona Alchera x Rising Sun Dark Raider)

fill tekst

I have lookt for long time for the  right male for Cia, there have been some males on my list.

I chose FILL because he have some of the same qualities as Cia.

His jumping technique,good temperment, ability to relax at home and when he are traveling.

FILL has the same on/off switch as Cia does.

FILL’s owner Sylwia Sękowska say about FILL :

Fill is my wonder boy.
He was perfect, focused on me and very smart puppy. He loved to learn new tricks, to make me proud and happy. Work was the best prize for him.
As adult boy, he is still focused on work and me. I’m his beloved mother and he will do everything for my attention and gladness. He likes to tug, to play with me and cuddle.
He lives in Warsaw (Poland’s capital) and he’s easy going boy. We travel by subway, buses, trams, trains, cars and he’s always ok with that. He likes people, he is very gentle for children and olders, doesn’t have any problems with crowd and noises. At home he just sleeps close to me. He likes to sleep under the quilt 😉
With other dogs he has got good relations. He is dominant friendly. When dog attacks him, he just go away. Most often he ignore foreign dogs, sometimes he invites them to play.
We tried sheep herding and he really loves this. He’s got strong herding instinct, it can be seen that he’s got cattle lines in pedigree.
He tried frisbee and he’s just crazy when he sees disc! He can work with everyone for it! People who do frisbee says that he’s got potential.
In agility he’s super. It’s his passion. He is very fast and agile, has got natural great jump technique. He thinks, he distinguishes sites and commands.
We started starts in competitions and he’s then faster than on trainings, so I’m too slow with everything, but people who see us, say that we have bright future 🙂 I think so too 🙂


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